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Types of Carpet Brushes
Before discussing the effectiveness of these little gadgets, I first introduce you to a few of the main types:
Rug Brushes – You may consider them old-fashioned, but homeowners swear by using hand held brushes to clean their stubborn carpets. These are especially effective on small areas.
Carpet Sweepers – Rug brushes are used in carpet sweepers. These functional devices are an 1880s invention. The sweeper easily traps dirt but requires routine cleaning to function effectively.
Lint rollers – Lint rollers are exactly as their name suggest. They pick up dirt as you roll them across your carpet. The Roll-O-Vac is an example of such a device.
Rotary Brushes – Rotary cleaners are made up of nylon brushes. These are circular and have several layers to lift grime off your carpet.
They complement vacuum systems – It works great with any type of vacuum cleaner by breaking up larger debris into smaller particles